We’re a team of proud mothers, fathers, parents-to-be, aunts, uncles, and supportive friends based in San Francisco (SOMA to be exact…and Vancouver). 


We are also runners, crossfitters, damn good cocktail makers, engineers, designers, conservationists, former red carpet reporters, Harry Potter lovers, dog (and cat) owners, and avid sports fans, just to get started. Since launching Spright in early 2015, our mission has been to help people live more confidently through conversational learning.

We recognize that each parent’s life is full, complex, and individual. And yet some things are universal: We are each trying to do the best we can to raise small humans to be good people.

Feeling confident in your parenting does not come easy, especially at the start. Sometimes what you really need is a fellow parent saying “me too” or “I’ve been there”. And sometimes you need an expert to reassure you about your baby’s sleeping patterns. We’re built for both.

We also have a lot of fun together and love meeting new people. What can we say? We like to talk, and we love to listen. We want Spright to be a place where you can talk to each other. We’d also love to meet you — drop us a line and come say hi! Family lunches are usually on Thursdays...



Molly Goodson
Editor in Chief, Co-Founder
Sage advice-giver for ages 0-10.

Carnet Williams
CEO, Co-Founder
Can carry two small babies at a time.

Brian Grey
Executive Chairman, Co-Founder
Wrangler of two teenage daughters.


Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC
Head of Perinatal Operations
Held thousands of babies; one (so far) calls her Nana Nancy

Calvin Chan
Product Manager

Kimra McPherson
Mom to one, aunt to 10.

Minh-Khue Bui
Head of Business Operations
Auntie to a toddler who feels all the feels.


Heather Caplan, RD
Head of Coaching
Actual aunt to two, friend-aunt to many

Sara Wells
Product Marketing Manager
Mom to a very opinionated 1-year-old.


Keith Brennan
Senior Engineer
Father of two fire breathing dragons disguised as children


Joe O'Pecko
Senior Engineer
Father of one slick dancer, uncle to seven.

Brian Neisler
Senior Engineer
Oldest of six, uncle to one.

Caitlin Low
Baby photographer extraordinaire.

Mia Lehrer
Former nanny, changed her sister's diapers.