Meet new parent benefits made for today’s workforce:

Spright is the next generation of personalized parenting support and education that meets parents where they are


Maternity Leave Is Not Enough

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Moms need help and support throughout their new life stage.

Give them a resource that helps them navigate pregnancy and parenting challenges. Happier and healthier moms means better employee retention rates and lower health insurance costs, saving your bottom line.


Health Insurance Costs

New mothers are likely to stop breastfeeding when they return to work when they are not supported by their employers, driving up health insurance costs.


Babies who are not breastfed


Retention & Recruitment Costs


More than 40% of professional women pause their careers after having babies.

Rehiring for these positions costs 40%-400% of employees’ annual salary.


A Simple Support Solution

  • Vetted professionals give evidence-based guidance and advice
  • Group learning where moms learn from other moms’ questions and experiences
  • Personalized answers to moms’ individual questions
  • Wide range of topics include sleep, feeding, emotions, pumping at work, and more
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime to all employees across levels and locations

Why It Works

Low Cost

Affordable, yet high value experience — traditional 1:1 parenting consultants range from $100-$300 per hour. Spright is a fraction of that.

Simple setup

App and mothers’ room program fully managed by Spright. No installation or maintenance required by HR/benefits teams.

High utilization

Spright moms love the app - on average moms participate in the app 11 times a month.

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