Our Expert Network

Our experts have certifications in lactation, sleep, marriage and family therapy, nutrition, and more! 


Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC

Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC, is Spright’s head of perinatal operations and has a lifelong passion for supporting pregnant women and new families as they begin the amazing journey of parenthood.


Heather Caplan, RD

Heather Caplan, RD, is Spright’s head of coaching and a registered dietitian with a focus on simple nutrition and mindful eating. She loves running, yoga, and New Mexican green chile.


Danielle Rowe

Danielle Rowe is a certified child sleep consultant and the owner of Dream Little One Family Sleep Consulting. The mom of 3 is always the "sleep police" in her house.


Jasmine Dunckel, LMFT

Jasmine Dunckel, LMFT, has been working with youth and families since 2009, with a special interest in issues concerning new motherhood and parenting. She's a runner, dog-owner, and mom of two.

Christina Zach 

Christina Zach, LMFT, provides psychotherapy for new and expecting parents and young children in San Francisco. She strives to help people live as the parent, partner and person they most wish to be.


Elana Natker, MS, RD

Elana Natker, MS, RD is a nationally recognized nutrition expert with a focus on maternal and child nutrition from preconception to the preschool years. She's also a mom of two.


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Rachel Hochstadt, RD, CDN, CSP

Rachel Hochstadt, RD, CDN, CSP, specializes in pediatric and prenatal nutrition and has worked at hospitals throughout the northeast. She is also pursuing her Master's in Health Education.

Deborah Jimenez

Deborah Jimenez is a sleep consultant and postpartum doula who has been supporting families since 2008. A mom herself, Deb loves helping parents get a smoother start with good sleep habits.


Ariel Gold

Ariel Gold is a certified eco-maternity coach and has taught workshops on choosing baby gear since 2012. A mother herself, Ariel was previously the product expert for DayOne Baby in San Francisco.


Rebecca Michi

Rebecca Michi is a British-born, Seattle-based sleep consultant who works with families around the world. Her passion is helping children and their parents build healthy sleep habits.


Alexandra Walker, RN, IBCLC

Alexandra Walker, RN, IBCLC, has worked as a lactation consultant in private practice, pediatric clinics, and hospitals in the Washington, DC area since 2010. She's also a mom of two.