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Whatever’s on your mind, you’ll find an expert-led Q&A on that topic. Head straight for the topic that’s keeping you up at night, or browse all of our upcoming events.

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  1. Join a Q&A and leave your question(s) — or read what other moms are asking.
  2. At a scheduled time, the expert will come in and answer all questions. 
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Our daily Q&A sessions with experts cover the topics highest on your priority list: sleep, feeding, parenting, self and more.



  • Setting Up Good Sleep Habits
  • Naptime Problems, Solved 
  • Surviving Sleep Regressions
  • Your Guide to Sleep Training
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  • All About That Pump 
  • Figuring Out Formula 
  • Starting Solid Foods 
  • Nursing and Nutrition 
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  • Encouraging Language Skills 
  • Baby Cues and Communication 
  • Life with Two 
  • It’s Playtime!


  • Baby Gear: What You Actually Need
  • Greening Your Nursery 
  • Gear for My Growing Baby 
  • The Connected Nursery 


  • Navigating Partnership in Parenting 
  • Career and Baby: Working It Out 
  • My Pregnant Body: Yay and WTF? 
  • The Emotional Side of Breastfeeding 

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Our Expert Network

We only work with the best

Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC

Nancy Held, RN, MS, IBCLC, is Spright’s head of perinatal operations and has a lifelong passion for supporting pregnant women and new families as they begin the amazing journey of parenthood.

Heather Caplan, RD

Heather Caplan, RD, is Spright’s head of coaching and a registered dietitian with a focus on simple nutrition and mindful eating. She loves running, yoga, and New Mexican green chile.